Customer Feedback

This is Valentina and Peter, the bride and groom from the wedding you shot on August 28th. 2021 We just wanted to reach out and sincerely thank Georgiy and you Megan what did on that day. 

I was honestly dreading having my picture taken all day; I thought it would feel really invasive and possibly be a hinderance to having sweet and authentic moments with our loved ones, but it was the complete opposite! The two of you made us feel so comfortable and at ease, pictures were probably the easiest part of the entire day! Georgiy and you were both so kind, friendly, and mellow that it felt like we were hanging out more than posing for photos. We really can't thank you enough for the positive, laid back energy that you two brought to the day, it was exactly what we needed.

If we can do anything to promote your business or leave either of you glowing reviews, please let us know. Thank you both again for being such sweet humans and incredible professionals. We can't wait to eventually see the final products!

Wishing you much success and happiness,

Val & Peter