Hey, I am Georgiy Gorelik.

I love photography it truly is my passion. A bit of a back ground: My Grandfather from Eastern parts of Russia he was a photographer for 60 + years. He was old school not like us spoiled digital photographers today.

He also thought my Dad photography. My Farter was one of the few who developed color photos back in the 70s. I hope to Teach my kid photography also he is only 5 but its never too early.

As you can imagine, I am exposed to different fields of photography its hard to mention it all here and I don't want o bore you with that.

I love taking photos of Family's, Portraits, Kids and toddlers.

Also, not may photographers will admit this but I do actually enjoy wedding photos. Its the best place to be as a special guest and its an honor to be there!

I live in Illinois land aria for 20 years. I love the people I meet and I love their beautiful smiles!

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